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<February 2018>
Information Session - St. Marys Memorial Hospital Foundation
The St. Marys Memorial Hospital Foundations is recruiting Board Members and will be holding an Information Session from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm in the Board Room at St. Marys Memorial Hospital
Blood Donor Clinic - Clinton
2:30 pm to 7:30 pm / Huron Christian School
Smiling reduces stress, can lower blood pressure and even makes us appear younger and more attractive. Smiling releases endorphins and signals to our body that all is well.
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Whistle Blower

What is Whistleblowing?
HPHA Representatives are often the first to know when something is going seriously wrong. A culture of turning a "blind eye" to such problems means that the alarm is not sounded and those in charge do not get the chance to take action before real damage is done. Whistleblowing can therefore be described as giving information about potentially illegal or underhanded practices, i.e. wrongdoing. 

To view the full content of the policy please click Whistle Blower Policy

Should you wish to submit information about potentially illegal or underhanded practicies please complete the following form.  Please note your submission will remain 100% anonymous unless you choose to complete the "Contact Information" section of the form. Your name and address will not appear in the email address line when the form is submitted.  Anonymous concerns will be investigated to the extent possible and reasonable based on the level of detail provided in the complaint

Once the form is submitted, it is sent directly to the President & Chief Executive Officer. If you do not wish your information to be received in this office - DO NOT COMPLETE THIS FORM and refer to the Whistleblower policy above for alternate submission options.

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